Gamblers Hoping Christie Signs Online Gambling Legislation This Week

January 17th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

New Jersey’s rendition of online gambling legislation has long been anticipated, and the final passage of this legislation simply requires the signature of Governor Chris Christie to be passed into law. The bill has been sent to Christie’s desk for approval.

The legislation, bill S3167, would set framework for a regulatory body that would oversee online gambling in the state of New Jersey. This would bring casino games and poker to the online world, all provided by the casinos in the state of New Jersey.

The legislation was first approved by a 34-2 vote in the state Senate, while the Assembly approved the legislation by an equally wide margin of 63-11-3. The legislators have already sent the bill to executive office to be signed by Christie.

Due to the ailing revenue of the Atlantic City casino gaming industry, it is highly unlikely that Christie will ignore the enormous potential of online gambling. Online poker it self had been declared an $18 billion dollar industry in 2008, on an overall scale.

New Jersey’s ability to operate online gambling has been commended by iMEGA, the Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association, citing advanced infrastructure amongst other things.

While the gambling operators in the state are still long off from providing online gambling to players in the state, it is still an industry that is long awaited.

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