Isildur1 May Face Nine Digit Tax Bill

January 15th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

For Isildur1, it seems that revealing his identity could be a more costly experience than folding a royal flush while your opponent is betting a straight flush. Having identified himself as Viktor Blom, Isildur1 may now be faced with a tax bill of $149 million dollars if Swedish officials decide to crack down on online poker.

It has recently been announced that the Swedish Tax Agency wishes to investigate some of the many online poker companies who accept Swedish players, as it is assumed that some of the allegedly overseas operations are actually taking place in Sweden.

The enormous number of $149 million stems from the days in which Blom would generate massive quantities of winnings at the digital felts. Dagens Nyheter, a Swedish financial newspaper, has determined the $149 million to be approximate amount that the recently outed Blom will have to pay.

The Swedish Tax Agency has not yet made it clear whether or not Blom would be targeted for tax collection.

Blom has managed to reach the highest stakes afforded by online poker. His success has managed to make him one of the PokerStar pros, giving him the backing of the world’s largest online poker room, despite having become famous for his play on Full Tilt.

Whether or not he will have to pay the taxes that are being spoken of is unknown, but Isildur1’s losses may have offset the winnings that he has earned. The rollercoaster ride Isildur1’s profits took in 2010 were heavily documented.

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