Gambling Vote In Alabama To Be Delayed

January 15th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

When Governor Elect was running for office, one of his campaign proposals was to give Alabama Citizens the ability to vote yes or no on gambling in the state. The referendum would be sweeping, almost universally removing gambling – even on a tribal level – or expanding it significantly.

Unfortunately for both proponents and opponents to gambling in Alabama, the bill is not likely to happen in Bentley’s first year in office.

Bentley stated that a wide number of changes in the gambling industry will take place through the first year. In an interview with the associated Press, Bentley stated that he will be breaking up Governor Riley’s task force on illegal gambling and give power over illegal gambling to Attorney General Elect Luther Strange.

“We’re going to handle the situation the way I think it should be handled,” Began Bentley, who will be sworn in on Monday, “and that’s through the attorney general’s office.”

Over the past two years, gambling sources in Alabama have been persecuted, namely the electronic bingo halls in the state. Governor Riley spent a wealth of resources attempting to combat gambling in the state of Alabama.

Though Bentley seemed markedly anti-gambling in his campaign, but he may be more open to gaming than he had originally asserted.

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