Gambling Expansion Opponents Speaking Out In Florida

January 13th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

There has been some talk that Florida’s new gubernatorial regime is set to take a pro-gambling stance, despite Governor Rick Scott generally being opposed to gambling in his campaign. Opponents have now come out to express their opinion over the possibility, however remove, of full blown gambling coming to Florida.

It has recently been made public that Rick Scott had reportedly met with casino operators during a trip out west. Now it is being reported that several Las Vegas based casino companies are aiming to bring resorts to Florida, particularly in the Miami region.

“The concept is not just to create a source of revenue for the stat that could equal or surpass the lottery,” began Al Cardenas, a lobbyist for Wynn casinos based out of Miami. “More important is the billions that would be invested in our state and the creation of tens of thousands of permanent, high paying jobs.”

Opponents to gambling expansion in Florida have already cited Atlantic City as a reason to avoid expanding gambling in the state. Atlantic City, opponents have stated, is a region in which full blown casinos have supposedly done very little to benefit the area. Citing the fact that Atlantic City’s revenue is on a constant decline, opponents feel that gambling expansion would do very little in Florida.

Scott has continuously stated that he does not support gambling, and that he does not plan on doing anything about the issue in the near future.

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