Illegal Gambling Machines Seized In Raid Against Alabama Residence

January 7th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

In Adamsville, Alabama, a home was recently raided due to suspicions of an illegal gambling operation. When police entered the domicile, they found that the proprietor of the home was in fact hosting several illegal gambling machines.

Adamsville police entered a residence on the city’s Main Street and discovered that ten illegal gambling machines were operating. The machines were subsequently seized and are scheduled for destruction. Other than the machines, police had also seized approximately $4,600 in cash.

In order to disguise the operation, the the owner of the house, Ray Blackwell, had turned off all sound on the machines so no one on the outside could hear the distinct sound of a slot machine. Police had been investigating claims of the gambling operation for months, but were temporarily hampered by a mobile location.

Alabama authorities charged Blackwell with possession of a gambling device, possession of gambling records, operating without a business license, and promoting gambling.

Alabama is a state in which gambling is regularly persecuted. The Governor’s task force on illegal gambling had been the main scourge of the major casinos in the state over the last year, but even these casinos have more legal grounds to operate than the underground casinos such as the one Blackwell was allegedly operating.

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