Pennsylvania Man Arrested By Federal Authorities Over Alleged Slots Rigging Scheme

January 5th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

A trial was set to take place over charges placed against a Pennsylvania man for his involvement in an alleged scheme to swindle slots, but it was quickly interrupted by FBI agents who arrested the man instead. Before the jury had even sat down, FBI agents took the man due to his alleged involvement in the supposed scheme in Nevada in addition to Pennsylvania.

Andre Nestor, 39, has been accused of stealing almost $1.4 million dollars from casinos in both Nevada and Pennsylvania. In the reports by authorities, Nestor used his reputation as a high roller to coerce casino workers to alter the slot machines to make them pay out more money than they were designed to.

Authorities continued to allege that Nestor and his proposed accomplices entered special keystroke commands on the machines to distribute fraudulent jackpots.

While leaving the courthouse, Nestor all but admitted his activity to press stationed in front of the court. “I’m being arrested federally for winning on a slot machine,” shouted Nestor on his way out. “I had an advantage over the casino. It’s just like card counting. Card counting, as everybody knows, is not illegal, and that gives people an advantage over the casino.”

He continued by saying “Let everybody see the surveillance tapes. I pressed buttons on the machine on the casino. That’s all I did.”

Nestor has denied all wrongdoing and claimed that the casinos are at fault. He stated that his advantage allowed him to “win at will,” and that it is not his fault that programming allowed him to win at will.

A casino security expert stated that some new machines have glitches and weaknesses, and that the exploit is not something that can be discovered accidentally.

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