Maryland’s Second Casino Opens, Feelings Mixed

January 4th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

On January 4th, the Casino at Ocean Downs opened to become the second slot parlor in the state of Maryland. The casino has opened with mixed feelings, both positive and negative, regarding the effect it will have on the state.

The northeastern United States has been undergoing constant expansion in the gambling industry, with casinos launching all over the region. Maryland has somewhat lagged behind in the addition of what is essentially a voluntary tax, and this is the source of ire that many residents hold.

A relatively short distance away from Maryland’s new casino is that of Delaware. While Maryland’s newest casino holds 750 slots, it lacks table games – a requisite source of entertainment in many casinos. By simply crossing the border in to Delaware, Maryland’s gamblers could entertain the idea of not only table games, but also sports betting in a limited form.

Opponents have spoken out not only against the potential social ills of gambling, but also the fact that these casinos are not going to provide entertainment as much as they are simply a way to drain money from those who need it the most.

Tax revenue and job creation have been cited as benefits to the expanded gambling industry in Maryland, but opponents feel that only a limited number of jobs could be created by the slots only gaming environment.

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