Pennsylvania Introduces Website To Help Problem Gamblers

January 4th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Pennsylvania’s regime of expanding gambling has always aided in the battling of social ills, particularly pathological gambling. In order to continue the fight against the spread of compulsive gambling, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has launched a website that aids in the treatment of problem gambling.

The new website,, was built to provide resources for those who suffer from compulsive, pathological, or problem gambling. Toll free hotlines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to give players access to the assistance they need.

“Gambling can become an addiction for up to three percent of Pennsylvanians who gamble recreationally,” said Micheal Huff, acting Secretary of Health. “Even though it is simply a game for many, for some it can be a devastating illness that affects them and the people close to them.”

The website, in addition to offering a help line for those who would call in, also hosts a wealth of information surrounding the symptoms and treatment of problem gambling. Information is also available that informs the user of local gamblers anonymous meetings, private counseling options, risk assessment tools, and also frequently asked questions and warning signs associated with gambling.

“Problem gambling is gambling that results in significant debt, family disruption, job loss, criminal activity or suicide,” continued Huff. It affects the gamblers, their families, their employers and the community. We hope this site provides help to people with the addiction and their families.”

With almost a dozen casinos in the state, Pennsylvania has become one of the most active states in terms of gambling.

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