Multiple Gambling Deposit Methods Emerge To Make Up For eWalletXpress

January 1st, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Though eWalletXpress has been shut down by the United States government, several other deposit methods have emerged to make up for the industry’s lost. Ranging from e-wallets to prepaid cards, these deposit methods have more than made up for the loss of eWalletXpress.

MyPayLinq is one of the hottest new deposit methods. An e-wallet similar to eWalletXpress, MyPayLinq provides many easy funding methods. including both credit cards and bank transfers, as well as e-checks, MyPayLinq provides easy access to funds both in terms of deposits and withdrawals.

MoneyLineWallet is another e-wallet that has hit the shelves. MoneyLineWallet provides players with the ability to make deposits in a normal e-wallet, all the while carrying higher security than most other funding methods. MoneyLineWallet uses a secure sign up process that is invitation only through a casino’s cashier in order to keep this deposit method exclusive.

DigitalPin has also emerged as a top contender. Digital Pin is a casino deposit method that functions like a prepaid card. DigitalPin functions like iPoint in the sense that is a telephone based deposit option. Credits are purchased, a pin is received, and the funds are then transferred to the casino using this deposit method as their own.

Since there are many new deposit methods emerging, the loss of eWalletXpress has been quickly resolved. online gambling operators have adapted their cashier’s to add these deposit options as withdrawal methods as well, in the case of the e-wallets, so players need not wait for their winnings.

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