WinPalace Casino Building Toward New Years With Bonuses

December 28th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

WinPalace Casino is on the path to the New Year, and in order to kick off the celebration, they have decided to begin offering a preliminary set of bonuses that will give players a chance to collect enormous bonuses in preparation for the big day.

Those who want to jump on the path to money will be able to do so through the use of two sets of bonuses. One set of the bonuses is good for slots, while the other set of promotions is good for table gaming.

The slots bonuses begin with a 195% bonus. A deposit of $21 or more must be made in conjunction with the bonus code PATH1. Those who wish to collect more money may do so if a deposit of $95 or higher is made. The bonus code PATH2 will activate a 232% match bonus for use in this situation. The final tier of slots bonus is activated with the bonus code PATH3. When a deposit of $215 or more is made, a 254% match bonus can be collected.

Table gamers are not exempt from their own series of bonuses. Provided one of the two bonus codes are used, WinPalace will grant a pair of promotions to those who make deposits of $21 or higher. The baseline bonus at the $21 mark will give a 115% match when the bonus code GLOW1 is used. Additionally, a 165% match bonus can be collected with the bonus code GLOW2. A deposit of $120 or more must me made in conjunction with this bonus code.

Each bonus code can be used 20 times, but they are only available until December 31st. On December 31st, new bonuses are likely to be announced for the New Year’s celebrations.

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