Gambling Raid Shuts Down Illegal Operation In Oklahoma City

December 28th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

An Oklahoma City barber shop was recently raided by police under suspicion of an illegal gambling game taking place in the shop. The raid netted a total of eight arrests after the illegal game was discovered in the Fade Doctor Barber Shop.

Police came to the Fade Doctor Barber Shop after hearing reports and complaints of several illicit activities, including drug dealing, public urination, and reports of people loitering by the store.

A police report released on Monday showed that police investigated the complaints that neighbors had reported. When authorities arrived, they found Xavier Hogan, 24, in his vehicle smoking marijuana in front of the store.

When the officers entered the store, another man attempted to warn the others about the people in the back of the store. When officers followed this lead, they found five people gambling in the back room over an illegal game of dice.

More police arrived on the scene in order to help with the arrests.

Police had arrested Johniston Darnell Palmer, 39, Dennis Leroy Robinson, 25, Stacy Laden Johnston, 26, Kanez Omar Patterson, 20, and a juvenile whose name cannot be released.

Police stated that Bryant Michael Lee, a man who was getting a hair cut, was also arrested on an obstruction charge and on a charge of allowing gambling on the premises. Lee, 28, had attempted to hide a bottle of alcohol from officers when they had entered.

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