New Jersey Casino Hit With Fine For Underage Gambling

December 21st, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

While it is more common to hear about underage gambling fines in Pennsylvania’s casinos, a casino in New Jersey has recently been fined for allowing an underage gambler to play the games within their walls.

The Showboat Casino Hotel has recently been hit with a fine of $20,000 dollars. Underage gamblers had been allowed to enter the casino and place wagers.

In addition to underage gambling, the casino had also been forced to forfeit $2,315 in cash that it had seized from players who were on the New Jersey self exclusion list. These people, despite being unable to legally play the games due to a self imposed ban, had entered the casino and played the games.

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission levied the fine and forfeiture order last Wednesday, and the casino did not attempt to fight either of the fines with which they have been hit.

One of the incidents involved a 19 year old male playing at the blackjack tables for an hour, despite the legal gambling age in the state being 21. This happened in September, 2009. The other case involved three underage gamblers from 16 to 20 who purchased poker chips from the casino.

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