Two Arrested, Charged With Robbing Patron Of SugarHouse Casino

December 12th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

In October, a young man was followed home, assaulted, and almost robbed after winning $2,000 in the SugarHouse Casino. On Thursday, two men were arrested due to their alleged involvement in the failed robbery attempt of the young man.

Christopher Featherstone, 22, and David Riley, 20, were both arrested for allegedly being involved with the crime. They face charges in both Philadelphia and Cinnaminson.

A third man is still being hunted for his involvement in the crime.

The robbery occurred outside of the victim’s house. Though the thieves were armed, the young man managed to fight his assailants off, but the victim had sustained a blow to the head from the handgun. Eight staples were required to staunch the flow of blood.

Featherstone was picked up in North Philadelphia on unrelated charges of witness intimidation. Riley, on the other hand, was stopped while driving and was charged with possession of a loaded pistol.

A preliminary hearing will be held in Philadelphia next week to begin the determination of the two men’s fate.

Before SugarHouse had opened, opponents were afraid that crime rates would rise in correlation to the establishing of the new casino. SugarHouse has since become one of the earliest examples of casino oriented crime.

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