Esfandiari, Rousso Continue To Dominate Five Diamond Poker Classic

December 8th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The World Poker Tour Five Diamond Poker Classic has reached its final day, and the final table has been solidified by the diligent actions and play by six players. The day final day is set to kick off with 12 minutes remaining in level 25, at which time level 26 will kick off with blinds of 30,000/60,000, carrying an ante of 5,000.

Vanessa Rousso, John Racener, Andrew Robl, Kirk Morrison, Antonio Esfandiari, and Ted Lawson are the final six in this event, but only one will take the WPT title and enormous prize associated with first place.

Vanessa Rousso managed to secure the chip lead at the end of the penultimate day. Her chip stack amounted to 5,830,000, which leaves her over 2 million chips above her closest competitor. A total of 97 big blinds, according to level 25, are in her possession.

John Racener and Andrew Robl both hold a total of 53 big blinds, with roughly 3,200,000 chips to their respective name.

Antonio Esfandiari had held the chip lead through much of the tournament, though he had fallen slightly behind in the final day. Esfandiari had a bit of a rough day, going up and down in day 5. Battling against friends at the table, Esfandiari has been attempting to bust out his friends in the event.

This will be Esfandiari’s first final table in the World Poker Tour. The day of the final table also happens to be Esfandiari’s birthday.

In addition to the title that can be won by taking first place, a sum of $870,124 can be won by the first place winner. A minimum of $126,683 will go to the player who busts out first at this final table.

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