Sweepstakes Ban Set To Fail As Parlors Remove Casino Games

December 3rd, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The ban on sweepstakes halls in North Carolina is seemingly failing, as operators are taking steps to ensure that they will be able to continue operating without being shut down or prosecuted. A court ruling regarding the banning of sweepstakes gambling halls has limited the power of law enforcement to enforce the ban.

According to the ban, law enforcement officials are entitled to target the sweepstakes parlors that offer video poker, keno, lottery type games, slots, craps, bingo, and other games that would normally be found in casinos.

As the ban was set to go in place, some of the Internet sweepstakes gambling halls had changed names and altered the software powering their games in order to prevent the ban from having consequences on their businesses.

The software must be changed to offer new games that do not resemble casino games. Games similar to casino games would be cause for legal trouble against the sweepstakes gambling halls.

Law enforcement officials who are looking to shut down the gambling halls will have to find games that have not changed due to the ban in order to bring legal matters against these sweepstakes parlors.

Sweepstakes gambling parlors have been on the rise across the nation, particularly across the eastern seaboard.

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