Sweepstakes Gambling Ban Upheld In North Carolina Court

November 30th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

A pair of court rulings has solidified the ban on the sweepstakes gambling machines in North Carolina. The ruling has made it so games that closely resemble casino games, such as slots or video poker, must be shut down by Wednesday.

The ban has left operators of these sweepstakes gambling halls scrambling for a way to continue operating their businesses. With multiple laws coming into effect on December 1st, many of these gambling halls will likely be forced to shut down.

In order to continue operating, those who own the machines and the sweepstakes gambling dens will have to find alternative games that would not be covered by the ban. In 2007, video poker games were banned, and these sweepstakes gambling halls had begun to operate in order to fill the gap. The age of technology and ingenuity will likely provide sweepstakes gambling operators with an alternative to the games that are currently operating.

The sweepstakes parlors would allow players to enter and purchase Internet time. This Internet time would be used to add funds into an account which can be used to play the games on the computers within the business. Games could then be played with a chance to win money.

The ban is slated to go into effect on Wednesday.

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