“Durrrr” Poker Challenge Continues With Jungleman12, Durrrr Wins Latest Session

November 29th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The “durrrr” challenges have been relatively slow, but the battle has finally reconvened. On Friday, Tom “durrrr” Dwan stepped back into the ring with jungleman12 to duke it out heads up.

Over two sessions, the two players put in over 2,000 hands. This puts the total up to 9,783 out of 50,000. Dwan managed to be the overall winner across the sessions, ending in winning a total of $47,341.

Dwan is still down over $640,000 in the event.

Many large pots were contested over the day. A pot of $170,000 and a pot of $167,000 were both witnessed. The “run it twice” feature made sure that both of these mammoth pots were chopped, rather than one player taking the entirety of the loot. A total of five pots breached the six figure barrier.

Dwan is still in the hole by roughly $647,000. Of the 9,783 hands played, Durrrr has won 3,755 of them. Should Jungleman continue to prove successful, he will take $1,500,000 in cash from Durrrr, as well as any winnings earned in the contest.

Dwan is also bitterly entrenched in the same contest with Patrik Antonius. Antonius and Dwan have gone through 39,436 of 50,000 hands. Over 64 sessions, $2,059,719 has been won by Dwan. A total of $342,257,728.50 has been wagered.

Antonius and Dwan have not played since August 3rd.

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