Charges Brought Against Gambling Ring For Allegedly Defrauding Foxwoods

November 25th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

On Wednesday, an arraignment was held against defendants who are being charged for allegedly employing subversive methods of play to defraud the Foxwoods Resort Casino.

An investigation found that up to $1 million in cash had been earned by the group through their efforts.

Gy Young Su, a 60 year old native of Korea, was in court on Wednesday. He is allegedly the leader of the organized effort to swindle Foxwoods out of winnings.

Authorities have claimed that Foxwoods will be providing video evidence from surveillance cameras that shows Su and his cohorts using a device while playing a game named Minibacc.

Wookyung Kim was also arraigned on Wednesday. Kim, 34, has a rap sheet full of prior felonies related to gaming, and she had allegedly taken $84,000 from the casino.

A federal investigation shows that they may have pulled the same stunt in Atlantic City’s casinos.

More information is unavailable due to the fact that the investigation is still underway.

Foxwoods has been in financial straits, and incidents of cheats, swindlers, and fraudsters have been detrimental in the financial stability of the casino.

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