Jeff Forrest Wins World Poker Tour At Foxwoods

November 4th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The World Poker Tour’s World Poker Finals in Foxwoods turned out a victory in the Forrest – Jeff Forrest. Forrest has turned his first visit to a World Poker Tour event into a title and a bracelet.

Forrest had an early start to making a deep run, though he never expected to win the event. At the final table, he was faced with moderately stiff competition, but he managed to persevere and take victory over the final six players that had made it to the end.

The whole final table proved to be one packed with excitement, including improbable suck outs, pure luck outshining skillful pursuits, and relatively surprising outcomes. Kings had cracked aces, back door flushes had cracked flopped two-pairs, and chopped pots had helped balance the tables.

Forrest ended up in heads up play against Dave Inselberg. Inselberg and Forrest played for only nine hands before the game came to an end.

The final hand of the tournament began with Forrest min-raising. Inselberg called, and the flop dropped 9d-8s-5c. Inselberg checked, and Forrest bet out 250,000. A quick check raise to 600,000 brought Forrest to pause. Eventually, Forrest shoved all in. Inselberg made the call, but his good fortune faded.

Forrest flipped over a pocket pair of queens, while Inselberg had only a pair of nines with a six in the hole. The turn dropped a queen, giving Forrest a set of ladies. Only the 7 would keep Inselberg’s hand in contention. An ace came on the river, and Iselberg was sent packing with a not so small prize of $325,608.

Satellites to the next stop on the World Poker Tour, the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, are running through some of the USA poker rooms.

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