Beyonce’s Baby Talk Is Hitting Online Sportsbooks

November 1st, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Hollywood has one celebrity couple that should be an example how a loving relationship should be. Beyonce and Jay-Z are a prime example of a celebrity couple beating the odds of a troubled relationship. The couple started dating many years ago, and hip hop fans could not have been more happy to see the loving couple making it. Nearly 12 years her senior, Jay-Z should be a role model to other super stars on how to treat a lady. Since first making their relationship public back in 2002, Jay-Z and Beyonce have been in the spotlight as the loving Hollywood couple. The two  had dated for almost 6 years before getting hitched back in April of 2008.

Some how, the couple has managed to keep away from the celebrity drama and keep their personal lives behind closed doors. It was just a matter of time before she would not be able to hide behind closed door when it comes to baby talk. Rumors had been surfacing for some time that the hip hop couple was in fact expecting their first child, but it was only recently that the couple confirmed. Both are very excited to be expanding their family and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new baby.

Their busy lifestyles will certainly have to be adjusted with the addition to the family, but there is no doubt that two of hip hops greatest artists will find a way to balance a busy schedule and a new found love with the arrival of the baby. Fans are already guessing the sex of the baby and what Beyonce and Jay-Z will name their first born. Online sportsbooks are offering fans a way to voice their opinion on both baby categories through entertainment betting odds.

Name of Baby     Hide
Singles Only. Applies to the given first name of the first born baby of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z. Bets void should they not have a baby by the end of 2011. Others on request.
Matthew     4/1
Madison     25/1
Barack     80/1
Shawn     4/1
Jayden     25/1
Clyde     80/1
Corey     5/1
Cameron     33/1
Kelly     80/1
Colleek     6/1
Isabelle     33/1
Michelle     80/1
Tina     6/1
Preston     33/1
Africa     100/1
Gloria     10/1
Sasha     33/1
Mariah     100/1
Jason/Jay     12/1
Ava     33/1
Destiny     100/1
James     12/1
Etta     33/1
Gwyneth     100/1
Jordan     14/1
Brandon     40/1
Baby-Z     100/1
Angel     20/1
Bonnie     40/1
Marshall     100/1
Giselle     20/1
Christopher     40/1
GaGa     200/1
Jessica     20/1
Leah     40/1
Dre-Z     200/1
Solange     20/1
Brooklyn     40/1
Grammy     200/1
Jacob     20/1
Nicole     50/1
Roca     200/1
Mia     20/1
Martin     66/1
Lay-Z     250/1
Taylor     25/1
Hailey     66/1

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