Gambling Revenue In Macau Continues To Explode

November 1st, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The world’s largest gambling market has continued to show expansive growth. Macau’s gambling revenue has reached even higher echelons then 2010 had previously seen.

In the month of October alone, Macau’s gambling locations had generated 18.8 billion patacas, or $2.37 billion US dollars. This represents a 50 percent increase over the previous year’s figures.

This month’s figures have also surpassed the region’s record for revenue generated. The previous record, which was situated at 17.1 billion patacas, has now been surpassed.

The continued surge in revenue has not only benefit the region, but also shareholders of the parent companies behind the casinos in the region. Since 2006, Macau has been the world’s leading gambling market in the world, having surpassed Las Vegas.

Macau’s growth has been completely opposite to Vegas and Atlantic City. Atlantic City especially has been faltering, running on a decline for many consecutive months.

The recession in the States has been cited as the reason that gambling revenue in the nation’s two major gambling hubs is down. Isolated gambling options, particularly tribal casinos, have proven resilient to the nation’s ailing economy.

The gambling market online has kept pace with the global economy, having not yet experienced a financial down turn. Though some online gambling sites have faltered, the best USA online gambling sites have not skipped a beat.

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