Gambling Boats Approved In North Charleston After Official Vote

October 29th, 2010 – by Charles Fry

On October 28th, the North Charleston City Council gave their final vote over the addition of gambling boats in the region. The Council has approved the boats, and many expect these cruises to begin sailing within the next three months.

The regulation of gambling boats will generate extra money for the region. The city is expected to benefit from the operation of the boats, taking a cut of ticket sales and proceeds alike.

Early estimates have been generous, despite the track record that these gambling boats hold in other reasons. It is expected that $1 million could be generated for the city per year.

The incorporation of gambling boats into the city entails much more than just the successful vote, as the there are now multiple companies attempting to get their boats in the ports from which the cruises are to sail.

While there are currently boats of this type sailing from the state, specifically out of Little River, those in North Charleston are bound to serve a wider player base. The boats will offer slots, blackjack, table games, dining opportunities and different forms of entertainment.

As one of the less gambling oriented states in the Union, players in South Carolina have very few options outside of USA online gambling to enjoy the games found through most casinos.

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