Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Expecting First Child

October 28th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Mariah Carey fans all over the world tuned into The Today show this morning to hear the confirmation that all of the rumors of Nick and Mariah are expecting their first born were in fact not rumors. Despite the very public professional careers that both Mariah and Nick hold, they have tried their best to keep their relationship on the down low. When the two were married just a few years ago, rumors of Mariah being pregnant were almost immediate. What the public did not know is that, just on a hunch, the couple took a pregnancy test and found out, much to their surprise, that they were in fact pregnant. A short time after the discovery was made, Mariah suffered one of the toughest experiences of her life, a miscarriage. The couple was able to keep the news of the situation from the public, but shared their emotional experience with the world this morning on The Today Show.

The couple seems very excited about the journey of parenthood, but they are still keeping some of the intimate details under lock and key. Father to be Nick Cannon states, “The greatest gift on earth is a child.” Although their first pregnancy turned out to be a misfortune for the couple, the have high hopes for their future and the journey of extending their family. The couple does not plan to find out the sex of the baby and only hope for a healthy baby.

Even through the hard times, this couple has remained a model couple when it comes to celebrity relationships. It was undoubtedly a hard time in both of their lives at the start of a new marriage, but both have a positive attitude and our sharing their happiness with all the world. The big question is can the happy couple way for their new arrival or will the excitement of the new baby be too much to hold them off from finding out the sex of the baby. It is just a matter of time before online sportsbooks are following this pregnancy every step of the way with entertainment betting odds on the name of the baby and the sex of the baby.

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