FHM’s Sexy Women Issue Is Drawing In Traffic At Online Sportsbooks

October 27th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

FHM is the ultimate men’s lifestyle magazine, full of the everyday conversations men have have with friends, co-workers and anyone else who may be interested in hearing about life from a man’s point of view. It can only be expected that the topic of conversation for most men has something to do with sex. Sex is something that is on the minds of most adults at some time or another during the day. Women have all sorts of outlets for discussing love, relationships, sex and friendships, why shouldn’t men?

That is where FHM comes into play. FHM is much like the woman’s Cosmopolitan, only for men. Sometimes guys are hesitant to accept help in the areas of love or sex, but many men find FHM to be a guy’s bible when it comes to those things. With sex being on the minds of most men at any given time, FHM Magazine relates to certain situations from a guys thought process. FHM actually dedicated an entire issue to the beautiful women in the world. The issue is titles FHM’s Sexiest women of 2011. These women represent what most men think are sexy. Like we all know, sexy comes in many shapes and sizes, and it  often has a lot more to do all around beaut rather than just a pretty face. Some of Hollywood’s most successful women have made it on FHM’s list of sexy women, time and time again.

With 2010 soon coming to an end, it is just about time for FHM to name the sexiest woman of 2011. Online sportsbooks are offering entertainment betting odds on which Hollywood hotty is most likely to take home the title. Some of the names come as no surprise seeing as how they are no stranger to the FHM sexy women lists.

Cheryl Cole     4/7
Kristen Stewart     33/1
Christina Hendricks     80/1
Megan Fox     5/1
Jessica Biel     33/1
Beyonce                       80/1
Nicole Scherzinger     10/1
Adriana Lima     33/1
Dannii Minogue     80/1
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley   12/1
Jessica Alba     33/1
Angelina Jolie     80/1
Marisa Miller     12/1
Scarlett Johansson     33/1
Christine Bleakley     80/1
Keeley Hazell     16/1
Zoe Saldana     40/1

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