Rock & Roll Into Week 6 of Dancing With The Stars Season 11

October 25th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Popularity is key to surviving one of the toughest dance competitions on television. This week marks the 11th episode of Dancing With The Stars season 11, and fans are urged to support their favorites by voting in. Last week was a lesson learned for contestants of the hit reality show DWTS. They watched Florence Henderson outstay her welcome and become the next to be eliminated off of this season of Dancing With The Stars. Despite the fact that Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas earned the lowest scores for last weeks performance, Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas were they ones who danced their last dance on season 11 of Dancing With The Stars.

From the start of the season, fans have been encouraged to call in and place their votes for their favorite couple. Last week was a perfect example of just how wrong American can be when it comes time for elimination. No matter how well a performance is rated by the judges, it cannot be assumed that the numbers will stay true when it comes time for America to vote. Far to often we say goodbye to talented performers on reality game shows simply for fans assuming the competition is in the bag and not placing their vote to secure it.

Hopefully the remaining contestants will be ready to give one heck of a rock and roll performance as this week the contestants of Dancing With The Stars rock into the sixth week of competition to rock and roll songs. Contestants will be dancing the Paso Doble or the Tango to some of the best rock and roll songs of our generation. America is ready for a night full of entertainment, and some of the most talented dance performances we have seen thus far in the competition.

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