Casinos In Reno Still Reeling From Recession

Ocotber 23rd, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The Nevada casino industry has been suffering from a lack of money being brought into the state, and Reno seems to have taken the worst hit. Revenue has been down in the area, not following in line with the respite that Las Vegas has been experiencing.

The most recent victim to the recession is the Siena Hotel Spa Casino. The casino just closed its door without much warning, and other gambling centers could follow in suit. Rumors are abound over other casinos that could soon be on the market.

Casinos almost all over the country have been suffering, from Atlantic City to the aforementioned problems in Reno. Some casinos are closing their doors, though previously untapped markets have been booming. The young casino industry in Pennsylvania, for instance, has been thriving.

Atlantic City has been in more peril than even Reno. Bankruptcy could be on the horizon for many casinos in the region.

One type of casino has been flourishing regardless of the recession, and that is the USA online casinos. The different online casinos have not faltered in the face of recession. Be it the RTG Casinos or beyond, the best USA casinos are still showing high profit reports.

Unfortunately, no taxes are currently collected on online casinos.

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