Yearlong Investigation Culminates In 31 Indictments Over Gambling Ring

October 22nd, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

After a year of investigation, 31 people have been indicted on charges that include money laundering, gambling, drugs, and violence related to the previous three crimes.

The investigation, which began after complaints of bookmaking and loan sharking, brought 103 different indictments against the 31. This is one of many sweeps against organized crime, particularly related to gambling, in the past few months.

According to reports, individuals had been viciously attacked in order to collect gambling debts. Loans would be offered by those operating these illegal sports betting rackets, and violence was allegedly used to collect on the debt.

Of the 31 indicted, those who were pinched over the illegal gambling operation could face six years imprisonment for their involvement in the illegal gaming.

The violence related the illegal gambling serves to once again remind players why those who wish to bet on sports must do so in a safe environment, such as USA online sportsbooks. The injuries, many of which have been labeled “maimings,” were needless byproducts of the thousands of dollars of debt that the alleged criminals allowed to accumulate.

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