Apple Once Again Subject Of Entertainment Betting Through Online Sportsbooks

October 21st, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Over the last week, Apple had made a mark on online sportsbooks. Their press conference over the Mac line of computers had attracted the attention of entertainment betting odds, but the stockpile of money that the Apple Corporation has accumulated has brought some speculation over what the megalithic company will do next.

Stories of a possible acquisition by Apple have brought about the idea that they could acquire a whole new brand in order to increase the general power of the company. There are several different brands that could be purchased by Apple in order to increase the company’s value.

Having stockpiled billions in extra cash, the Apple corporation could purchase one of five different brands. Entertainment betting odds have been concocted in order to give people from all walks of life the ability to cash in on Apple’s success.

ARM Holdings, Netflix, Electronic Arts, Facebook, and Yahoo are the five names that the Apple Corporation could soon buy.

ARM Holdings is a British technology company that is best known for the production of processors, particularly mobile phone chips. They had been founded as a joint venture between Apple Computer, VLSI Technology, and Acorn Computers, so Apple has long had a hand in the company.

Bookmaker, one of the best USA sportsbooks, has posted the odds of ARM Holdings being purchased by Apple at +100 – the favored line. Some argue that this would be counter-productive to ARM Holdings, however, so whether or not it will occur is another question entirely.

Netflix and Electronic Arts are the next two favored to be purchased. Netflix has been installed at +120, while Electronic Arts, one of the largest video game producers in the world, has been posted at +150.

Yahoo and Facebook are the last two that have been added to the charts. Yahoo has been put in at +700, while Facebook is standing at +1000 to be purchased by the Apple Corporation.

Bookmaker is currently hosting these odds, but there is no telling when they will be taken down.

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