Casino In Maryland Proves Successful, Banks $2 Million In 4 Days

October 21st, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The first casino in Maryland has already proven to be a success. The casino managed to bring in more money than expected during the first four days of operation.

The casino opened on September 27th, and the 1,500 slot machines proved to be a great success. According to the Maryland Lottery, the casino averaged almost $350 per machine on each day in which it had been operating. The State had originally predicted $210 per machine per day.

From the $2 million collected, over half will go back to the state in taxes. The casino’s operator banked approximately $685,000 off of its patrons.

While no figure has been released over the number of winners, the casino’s website has showcased several jackpot winners. Several players have won over $10,000 throughout the first month of operation, with one lucky player having won $21,600 on the slot games.

Casino expansion has been a hot topic in much of the northeastern United States. currently, Maine is also considering the addition of a casino into one county, Oxford County. Anti-casino activists have been working hard to prevent the casino from being incorporated, however.

Most states have not yet explored the possibility of regulated USA online casinos, though this is a subject that has been discussed in a few locations. New Jersey online casinos are a definitive possibility, though little progress has actually been made.

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