Online Sportsbooks Target Apple’s Mac Conference For Entertainment Betting Odds

October 20th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

On October 20th, the Apple corporation will have a big event surrounding the Macintosh computers that the company produces. While the iPhone 4 and iPad have been at the forefront of the Apple company for most of the year, it seems that the company has been working behind the scenes to improve their Macbook line of computers.

Online sportsbooks have targeted the Mac Company in their latest string of different entertainment betting odds. Four different wagers are currently being offered by Bookmaker, one of the best online sportsbooks.

The first wager line has to do with the size of the next version of the Macbook Air. Macbooks are known to come in varying sizes, and it seems that bigger is not better these days. The question over whether or not an 11 inch version of the Macbook Air has been announced. Yes, there will be an 11 inch version, is currently running a line of -750, while No will pay out +150.

Perhaps the most sought after question, other than the size of the Macbook, is the name of the next version of Mac OS X. With the picture of an emblazoned lion circulating around the Internet, some think that the new OS X will be called Lion. This betting line comes with a +150 for yes, and a -750 for no.

The final two betting lines refer to software updates. One such line is that of the new version of iChat for the new OS, and whether or not there will be FaceTime. FaceTime is the video chat service that those who have an iPhone can use.

Those who would take the FaceTime line can bet yes for -750 and no for +150.

Finally, there is the question of a new version of iWork and iLife. Whether or not Mac users will receive updated versions of this software is the next betting line. A yes is slated to pay -500, while a no is slated to pay +100.

Whatever happens at the Mac meeting on the 20th is bound to be good news for Mac owners. While the company will not likely surpass the PC, it is likely to still show marked improvement with whatever updates they make.

Regardless of what type of computer you use, the entertainment betting odds found through USA Online Sportsbooks grant you a way to get involved in the world of business and beyond.

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