Robbery Strikes SugarHouse Casino Patron, First Of Its Kind

October 19th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

A failed robbery has recently occurred surrounding a patron of the SugarHouse Casino. Having only been open for a month, this attempted theft has come too early in the casino’s lifespan.

Two would be criminals attempted to rob a young man whom they followed out of the casino early in the morning. At approximately 6:30 in the morning, the victim dialed 911 on his cellular phone to report the crime.

The 26 year old victim had a lucky night through the SugarHouse casino, winning over $1,500. He took to the bathroom, telephonically explaining his “good fortune” to his girlfriend. The victim walked out of the casino, calling down a cab. The assailants ended up following him in a Chevy Impala, and ended up attacking the victim in front of his home.

The attackers pistol whipped the victim, leaving a serious gash in his head. Int he scuffle, one of the would be criminals, according to reports, tripped over his own baggy, loose pants.

The victim ended up fighting off his adversaries. No money was stolen in the failed robbery attempt.

While live casinos are more social and entertaining, USA online casinos are much safer. Players of Pennsylvania Online Casinos cannot be robbed in this fashion.

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One Response to “Robbery Strikes SugarHouse Casino Patron, First Of Its Kind”
  1. Harry the Honky Says:

    Dumb criminals wearing baggy pants to rob someone, I hope they catch the tutzoones and cut their balls and and hands off.

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