Masters Betting Odds Don’t Favor Elin Woods Being By Tiger’s Side At Augusta National

March 31st, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

There is no escaping the Tiger Woods drama that has been flooding the media for months now. Tiger takes the spotlight yet again as he returns to golf in the 2010 Masters, doing what he seems to do best, other than sex that is. Tiger Woods has been a golf icon since the very first time he picked up a golf club and his return to the green has certainly sparked up some attention yet again.

The Tiger Woods sex scandal rocked the golf world, the media, his fans, but most importantly, his family life. Tiger Woods involved himself in many marital affairs, and when caught, claimed his actions were the result of a sexual addiction he is suffering from. The more the media focused on his personal life, and less about his professional life, he realized the only way to get through this heartache, is to seek out therapy. He admitted himself in a clinic in Pine Grove, Mississippi and was treated for “sexual compulsion.”

As Woods sought out treatment for issues in his personal life, his professional career was picked through with a fine comb. Woods corporate sponsors began to question his future in golf and decided that, with the recent events and the manner of these events, Woods was incapable of representing them as the number one golfer he once was. Not only were his sponsorships pulled from underneath him, but his fellow golfers were beginning to guess his ability to ever recuperate from his professional fall.

That concern was laid to rest when it was announced that Woods would be returning to golf during the 2010 Masters. Most professional athletes who are placed in rehab for one reason or another generally take more than just a few months to recover and finish treatment. For Woods, golf may very well be his treatment, and he may come back to the game even better than he was before. The question is, who will be there to support him?

Elin Woods is, by far, the one that has suffered the most through this whole ordeal. Elin, wife of Tiger Woods, stuck by her man even after their personal life and the problems that fell into their marriage were aired for all the world to see. She maintained poise and compassion, even though she had been made into such a fool by the very person who was suppose to love her the most, her husband.

Although Elin has been by his side since the story got out several months ago, people are already speculating if she will be by his side as he tries to recover his title as one of the best golfers of all time, at the 2010 Masters. Online sportsbooks are actually offering entertainment betting lines as to if she will be there or not.

Will Elin Woods be seen at Tiger Woods side at the 2010 Masters?
Yes    +140
No    -200

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One Response to “Masters Betting Odds Don’t Favor Elin Woods Being By Tiger’s Side At Augusta National”
  1. Lin McKay Says:

    No, Elin, Sam and Charly will not be anywhere near the 2010 Masters. If it turns out that Elin is expecting then it is likely the reason she stayed, at least for now, in the marriage. Elin and her children deserve better than Tiger Woods as a husband and father. I hope their family can find some peace but I am guessing by the time their oldest is 7 or 8, the Woods’ will not be living together and Elin will find someone that respects her, loves her unconditionally and is a good father-figure for her children, whether it is 2 or 3.

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