Online Sportsbooks Predicting Film about Chilean Miners In Near Future

October 15th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

The world has shared an emotional experience over the past few days, as millions watched the remarkable rescue of the Chilean miners. For 69 days, 33 miners tested their survival skills, as they were forced to work as a team to survive nearly 2000 feet underground. Even the most skilled American soldiers would find that task to be a difficult one. Since August of this year, Copiapo has been the place of reporters, networks and rescue crews all working together to come up with a plan to rescued the trapped miners.

This tragedy has affected millions of people all around the world and prayers for safety have been sent from everywhere. The rescue efforts for the miners began the moment the situation became a life threatening one. Rescue crews were able to find a way to deliver food and supplies to the miners nearly 1 1/2 miles underground. The rescue mission was a continuous effort, and thousands of people were on board, all hoping for an end result of all 33 miners  being rescued safely. On Wednesday, viewers were shown the first sign of relief to the miners and their families.

NASA helped develop a cage that was responsible for pulling all 33 miners to safety. The cage was lowered nearly 2000 feet underground, from which each individual was pulled to safety one by one. The rescue mission took approximately 24 hours and all reports indicate that the miners will make a full recovery. This story is just the beginning for these 33 miners and their families and networks are offering big price tags for a recap of what these men dealt with underground for 69 days.

All 33 miners have agreed that all decisions on profits made from their remarkable story would be made as a group. The deal was sealed by an attorney, making it a legal contract. The Discovery Channel’s cameras were there every step of the way and will air their story about the miners on October 28th.

Everyone wants a piece of the miners story, including online sportsbooks, which are actually offering entertainment betting odds on which Hollywood director will land the first major film relating to the Chile miners.

Who will direct the movie?
Sunday 7th November 2010, 22:00

Who will direct the movie?

Paul Greengrass     7/2
Christopher Nolan     8/1
Peter Jackson     14/1
James Cameron     4/1
Quentin Tarantino     10/1
Guillerno Del Toro     14/1
Steven Spielberg     4/1
Clint Eastwood     10/1
Sofia Coppola     16/1
David Fincher     9/2
Fernando Meirelles     12/1
Martin Scorcese     16/1

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