Charleston To Vote On Incorporation Of Gambling Cruises

October 15th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

South Carolina is a state notorious for its heavily restrictive gambling laws, but times always change. Officials in Charleston have been contemplating adding a gambling boat to their city, which would sail out of the former Navy base on the Cooper River, and into international water.

In somewhat defiance to the “no games involving cards or dice law,” which has been cited as to why gambling remains illegal in the state of South Carolina, these gambling boats would incorporate multiple games that involve either cards or dice. Gambling boats are a way for many states that are typically anti-gambling to bring in revenue without many of the regularly cited social ills. Georgia is one example of these states.

North Charleston City Council officials have passed the first reading of ordinances. The approval precedes two more readings. If passed and accepted, the boats could be sailing over the winter.

Though gambling boats have failed in other states, South Carolina is optimistic about the incorporation of gambling boats into the state. Estimates have shown that at least $700,000 could be generated through the gambling boats.

South Carolina online gambling options include casinos and poker, which enables gamblers to work around the current laws. The USA online casinos are considered some of the most popular of all online gambling choices, and are a direct contrast to the boats that would be incorporated into the state.

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