New Gambling Site Uses Google Maps For Lottery Drawings

October 13th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

A new form of lottery has hit the planet, using Google Maps in order to pick out winners. The new game,
dubbed GeoSweep, could revolutionize the way the lottery functions.

The new GeoSweep game uses Google Map technology to allow people to purchase drawings by using plots of land. Dubbed “Geos,” these plots of land determine who wins the drawing.

Unfortunately, GeoSweep is not available to players outside of the United Kingdom. Being that only the British can access GeoSweep, all prices are set in GBP.

For as low as 10p per day, participants can get involved in daily drawings of GBP5,000 and GBP1,000,000. The plot of land is purchased for a month, and both daily drawings could hit a plot.

The entire expanse of Britain can be used to purchase plots. Due to the relatively low monthly price, it is easily possible to continue cycling through plots and waiting for a hit.

While USA online gambling does not include this form of betting as of yet, the success of the company could spread it into the United States. Players who enjoy the lottery, particularly those of the Internet age, have already expressed a desire to this form of gambling.

“The Internet is changing every other business, why should the lottery be any different?” began Jon H. of Pittsburgh. “I want to see this game come State side.”

There are still many ways to get involved in USA online gambling based on lottery drawings, particularly through USA online sportsbooks. Unfortunately, USA players will have to wait until GeoSweep, or something similar, becomes available outside of the United Kingdom.

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