Political Betting Odds Giving Politicians Something To Think About

October 13, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

It may be quite some time before the 2012 presidential election takes place, but not a day goes by when Americans do not have something to say about how this country is being run from a political stand point. No matter which region people may live in, November is a busy time for politics. This is because election day comes in November.

Residents almost have to wonder if we have hit the bottom of the barrel when it comes to today’s politics. Election time seems almost like a smear campaign rather than a campaign to be elected. While it is expected that politicians may have to play dirty at some point, if they would focus their efforts towards making a difference, rather than bashing each other, it may leave voters with the hope of change.

The economy has taken a toll on Americans in more ways than one. Millions of Americans have been forced into unemployment and the government shows little if any promise of that changing in the near future. Health care has been an issue for many years, and was one of the main focuses of President Obama’s campaign before being elected into office. President Obama did live up to his promise to address the health care issue, but less than most of the public has seen the benefits from what most refer to as “Obama Care.”

In is not just the empty promises that Americans are frustrated with, it is the way our country has handled problem solving of every tragedy that has hit us since Obama has been in office. President Obama seems to care more about the benefits of being President, than he does the responsibilities that come with that position. It is hard to believe that almost two years have passed and Americans are only 2 years away from making a real difference in how the United States of America is run. Voters will stand up in either support of the current president and re-elect Obama, or chose another candidate that has not yet been decided.

Online sportsbooks want to know now what online bettors think of the next presidential election. Entertainment betting odds offer Americans a way to voice their opinion and decide who they would like to see in charge of this wonderful nation.

Who will be elected US President in 2012?
Barack Obama    -130
Mitt Romney    +600
Haley Barbour    +2500
Sarah Palin    +1100
Hillary Clinton    +1600
Newt Gingrich    +2500
John Boehner    +2000
Joe Biden    +3300
Mike Huckabee    +1800
Tim Pawlenty    +1800
Jon Huntsman    +2800
Bobby Jindal    +2500
Bill Owens    +3300
Chuck Hagel    +3300
Fred Thompson    +3300
David Patraeus    +3300
Lindsey Graham    +4000
Rudolph Giuliani    +4000
Chuck Baldwin    +4000
Jeb Bush    +4000
Evan Bayh    +4000
Tom Ridge    +5000
Ron Paul    +5000
George Allen    +6600
Al Gore    +6600
John McCain    +6600
Condaleeza Rice    +6600
John Edwards    +6600
George Pataki    +8000
Bill Frist    +8000
Jim Webb    +10000
Kathleen Sebelius    +10000
Tim Kaine    +10000
Arnold Schwarzenegger    +10000
Sam Brownback    +10000
Janet Napolitano    +10000
John Kerry    +10000
Michael Bloomberg    +4000
Mark Warner    +10000
Caroline Kennedy    +15000
Dick Cheney    +20000
Will Smith    +25000
Paris Hilton    +25000
Laura Bush    +25000

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