Singing Nuns Making Headlines At Online Sportsbooks

October 12th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Who could forget one of the most beloved movies of the 90’s, Sister Act staring Woopie Goldberg. The story was about a Reno lounge singer who witnessed a crime and is forced to take cover from the criminals trying to track her down. Under protective custody, the lounge singer was placed in one of the last places she would expect to be found, a convent. The lounge singer goes on to do wonderful things for the women of the convent. In return, they become one big happy family, willing to protect each other at any cost. They find healing and comfort with beautiful music, which is taught by the lounge singer.

It seems as if the story moved people in more ways than one. Although this comedy film was for entertainment purposes, a group of french nuns have taken their performance to another level. There is one thing that these nuns have in common with pop star Lady GaGa, and no, it is not their wardrobe. The singing french nuns have managed to share the same label company as the pop star. These nuns beat out more than 70 convents around the world to land their deal with Decca Records. These women will not have to travel far to get things rolling as they will be shooting the album cover right in their very own convent.

It is said that convent women lead a hidden life behind closed doors but now these women are opening the doors to share with the world beautiful music.  “We never sought this, it came looking for us, ” stated the Reverend Mother Abbess.

The album is expected to be released in November of 2010 and online sportsbooks are listing entertainment betting odds on just how well this album will do. While it is not likely that the singing nuns will pull in as many record sales as Lady GaGa, they do have a strong record company behind them, as well as someone of a higher power.

Debut album to sell 1 million copies

7 weeks or more     1/3
Less than 7 weeks     2/1

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