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October 11th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

American Idol had a lot to do with making reality television what it is today. American Idol first aired on Fox Network in June of 2002. America was excited to see what the new singing competition would bring. When they heard the vocal styles of Kelly Clarkson, America knew this would be one entertainment series that would soon be the talk of television industry. America has fallen in love with reality television and it seems that the more dramatic a show is, the larger the viewing audience. Kelly made it a tight race for season 1 contestants, but in the end she walked away with the glory and the start of a very successful career in the music industry.

Since the start of American Idol, fans have witnessed the rise of many stars that have gone on to become something more than they ever imagined. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordan Sparks are three American Idols that really live up to there name. All of these talented women got their chance to shine by being a part of American Idol. America liked what they saw and have made these women some of the most successful performers in the business. A lot of talent has come and gone on American Idol, and every season we look forward to seeing what the judges have brought America as far as talent goes.

American Idol has gone through some changes over the seasons and the biggest one for the upcoming season is the judges panel. Long time judge Randy Jackson will be joined by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler in season 10 of American Idol. Both of the new judges have a lot to offer the contestants as far as guidance, and fans are hoping that these judges can make it through more than one season.

Online bettors are getting the chance to spring on the action early, with entertainment betting odds listed on who will be the winner of season 10 of American Idol, according to online sportsbooks.

American Idol – Season 10: Gender of Winner

Male     -130
Female     -110

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