Casino Patron Robbed Of $5,000 In Chips At Atlantic City Casino

October 11th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Brick and mortar casinos are sometimes home to crime, and the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City is one of the most recent locations for criminal activity. On October 8th, a man was arrested after he allegedly robbed a patron of the casino after reportedly robbing another casino gambler in a near by casino.

According to the police report, Steven McGuire of Brooklyn was assaulted in the casino and subsequently robbed for his casino chips. McGuire, 61, was en route to his hotel room at about 3 in the morning when he was attacked.

McGuire’s assailant took off with over $5,000 in casino chips. McGuire was ultimately hospitalized due to injuries from the attack. Hospitalized, McGuire was treated for a head wound.

Casino surveillance submitted video and photographic evidence of the criminal to Atlantic City police. The perpetrator was arrested at roughly 1 PM.

The accused is Hosameldin Ismail, 22, of Brooklyn. He has been charged with theft, robbery, and aggravated assault. A $100,000 bail is in place.

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