Ohio Authorities Arrest Three, Charge With Robbery Of Casino Patrons

October 9th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Three arrests have been made in correlation to robberies of 26 different casino patrons, according to Ohio’s Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

Kenyatta Erkins, 35, Ugbe Ojile, 34, and Amy Hoover, 25, were all arrested on Thursday at four in the morning in conjunction with the crimes.

Erkins and Ojile were charged with two counts of aggravated robbery, as well as one count of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery. Hoover is in slightly less trouble, facing only one count of aggravated robbery.

According to the investigation, every victim of the trio had been followed home from Indiana casinos. The victims would then be robbed at gunpoint for their winnings from the casinos.

Authorities planned a sting operation in which they sent an undercover officer out of the casino with a large quantity of cash. The suspects followed, as the officer used a walker to appear an easy target.

When the officer arrived at the sting site, the suspects were apprehended.

The arraignment is set for next week, and the three could face even more charges. Erkins and Ojile could spend up to 28 years in jail, while Hoover can be imprisoned for only 10 years.

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