Battle Of The Blades Betting Odds Favoring Theo Fleury To Win

October 8th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

Battle of The Blades has become one of the most talked about reality series on television. Although this talent show is a Canadian Figure Skating competition, people all over the world are tuning in to see what action is taking place on the ice. This reality series is shown on CBC Television and broad casted from the historical Maple Leaf Gardens. The Maple Leaf Gardens will be undergoing some renovations during season 2 and will be broadcast from the Pinewood Toronto Studios. No matter where the event takes place, thousands of people all over the world tune in to see one entertaining performance after another.

If you like the excitement of hockey and the performance of figure skaters, you will love Battle of The Blades. Battle of The Blades is a reality series much like that of Dancing With The Stars. Professional figure skaters are teamed up with former NHL stars, to deliver a performance in front of a live audience week after week. It is obvious that hockey is not one of the more graceful on ice competitions, so the figure skaters sure do have their work cut out for them.

We are well into season 2 of Battle of The Blades and fans can hardly get enough of the action. With professional judges behind the coming and going of contestants, each week demands harder training from contestants and better delivery of their performances. The show is really drawing a crowd so it is only expected that we are seeing betting odds offered online. It is no surprise that with all the talk surrounding season 2 of Battle of The Blades, that online sportsbooks have picked up on the action by offering entertainment betting odds on who will win season 2 of Battle of The Blades.

Battle of the Blades – Season 2: Odds to win
Closing Date: Oct 10, 2010 19:00 GMT -4
Option     Win Odds
Theo Fleury     +350
Patrice Brisebois     +375
Todd Warriner     +375
Georges Laraque     +450
Kelly Chase     +450
Valeri Bure     +600
PJ Stock     +700

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