NFL Betting Odds Sharing The Online Action With American Idol Betting Odds

October 3rd, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

It is quite interesting that, with the NFL season in full swing, online sportsbooks are still seeing a lot of the traffic coming from online bettors who are seeking entertainment betting odds on reality series that are not even in season yet. American Idol is one of the most watched reality series on television, and the talk of all the changes taking place in the upcoming season, has left online gamblers ready to get in on the action before the next season even begins.

What fans may not realize is that the season has been in full swing since not long after season 9 concluded. Just as quickly as one season ends, another begins. The judges of American Idol have long been searching for the next superstars that will make up the contestants of season 10 of American Idol. They have been searching some of the biggest cities in America for those with the vocal talent strong enough to entertain an audience of millions.

Over the years we have seen a lot of changes with American Idol, mostly for the better. One of the biggest changes taking place in season 10 is the judge’s panel. Last season was Simon Cowell’s last season with American Idol. As sad as fans were to see him go, they were also excited to see who his replacement would be. What fans did not know is that we would also be meeting the replacement judge for yet another of last season’s judges. Neither Kara nor Ellen will be returning to American Idol, leaving another judge’s chair to be filled.

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will be joining Randy Jackson in the search to find the next American Idol superstar. Online bettors can voice their opinions by placing a wager using entertainment betting odds at some of the top online sportsbooks.

American Idol – Season 10: Gender of Winner
Closing Date: Jan 01, 2011 20:00 GMT -4
Option     Win Odds
Male     -130
Female     -110

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