Maine Voters Seemingly Support Gambling Expansion Referendum

October 4th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The issue of gambling expansion in Maine is no stranger to the ballot, especially for Oxford county. Maine’s Oxford County could, if the referendum were to pass, be host to a new casino.

With the economy floundering, a high unemployment rate has struck Oxford county. Businesses are closing, and Oxford is struggling to keep people employed. Job rates have suffered to the point where Oxford County is amongst the highest in the state.

According to a recent poll, the addition of a casino could be accepted by voters. A poll conducted Monday found that 52 of those surveyed would lean toward yes on the ballot, while 39 said that they would probably vote no.

The study was enacted by Critical Insights, a Portland based research firm.

The ballot is scheduled for November 2, so time is still running for proponents and opponents alike to spread their respective word.

Opponents to gambling expansion are stating that their push in advertisement will wait until election day comes closer. Citing the standard cons of gambling expansion, they will be running adds to “inform voters” of the ills of gambling.

Whether or not a casino in Oxford County will help is another question entirely. The addition of Maine Online Gambling could seriously increase tax revenue. A regulatory body over online casinos has not been considered, however.

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One Response to “Maine Voters Seemingly Support Gambling Expansion Referendum”
  1. Ron Fowler Says:

    Folks have you driven north 95 lately, we have a new highway which cost the tax payers lots and all for nothing if the gambling is approved. The traffic is already scary in the summer time without the Casino. Remember the mall sprawl voted out in Kittery, well that was small stuff compared to this on 95. Google map shows 95 as the main entryway to Oxford so if you live or travel this highway you may want to vote NO.

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