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September 29th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie
When something sounds to good to be true, it generally is. One Harrah’s Resort Casino is learning first hand that the cost of advertising can be more than they had bargained for.  Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City is paying the consequences that come with false advertising. A local court is making it loud and clear to business owners that promises made in advertisements will be carried out be the responsible parties.

Harrah’s Casino began a promotion that was part of a loyalty program for frequent guests of the casino. The promotion awarded players a voucher worth up to $15 free, as a birthday token from the casino. The “birthday cash” was to be redeemable on  a specified date, but it failed to mention any time restriction which the bonus could be collected.

A player by the name of Debra Smerling arrived at Harrah’s to collect her birthday cash on August 9th, one day prior to when her voucher could be redeemed. At the stroke of midnight, making it August 10th, which was the date specified on her voucher, Debra Smerling tried to redeem her free cash only to be denied access until approximately 8:00 am that morning. Debra Smerling refused to wait around for the remainder of the time and left Harrah’s Casino.

Instead of returning later that morning, she slapped Harrah’s with a lawsuit, which was brought before a New Jersey Court. The case turned into a class action suit. The judge in this case ruled that the advertisements pertaining to “birthday cash” were misleading to players and should be honored, plus damages. Each of the tens of thousands of players that were denied their free rewards bonus, were awarded the sum of $100. More than 350,000 were notified via mail that they were part of the damages awarded by Harrah’s and eligible to claim their $100.

Casino bonuses are quite common when it comes to online casinos, but land casinos have a different way of operating, which has proven to be a mistake for them in this case. Some of the most trusted online casinos honor their promotions to the fullest, which is why online gambling has increased in popularity over the years. Players get a different type of gambling experience online through some of the best USA online casinos.

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