Monday Night Football Prop Betting Lines Predict Green Bay To Strike Early
September 27th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears meet in a NFC North Division match up of undefeated teams.  While the Packers start was expected by many, the Bears come in as a surprise upstart, on the back of wins over Detroit and Dallas.

While the game line favor the Packers by three points in this one, USA Online Sportsbooks have also formulated a number of prop betting lines for bettors to place wagers on.  These bets do not necessarily directly effect the result of the game, but provide a way for fans to get involved with the game with things like scoring, player performances and other areas.

There are several game prop betting lines formed by BetUs Sportsbook, which lays out several options for those looking to wager.

First to Score-

Simply pick which team will score first to win the best.  Oddsmakers favor the Packers to strike first in this one, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the high-flying Green Bay offense.

Packers     -130
Bears     Ev

Score in 1st 6 min

Oddsmakers believe that there will be a score early in this one indicated by the betting lines.

Yes     -125
No     -105

First Score of the Game

Last week in the Monday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers resulted in the first score being a safety.  The favored betting line in this one however is a touchdown.

TD     -170
Any Other  +140

First Scoring Play

The odds here favor Rodgers and the Packer offense to march down the field and score a touchdown, with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and company scoring a touchdown the second in the line of betting favorites.

Packers TD     +150
Packers FG     +250
Packers Any Other     +8000
Bears TD     +200
Bears FG     +325
Bears Any Other     +8000

Score in Last 2 min of the 1st Half

The two-minute drive is one of the most exciting events in sports, with the odds here favoring that one will happen to close out the opening half of play.  Whether it is Rodgers executing a drive, or Cutler, the lines favor that there could be some fireworks to end the half.

Yes     -240
No     +190

Longest TD in the Game

Simply choose whether or not the longest touchdown in the game will be over or under 44 1/2 yards and win the bet if correct.  With the performances these two offenses have put up through the course of the first two weeks of the season, anything could happen.

Over  44½  Yards -115
Under  44½  Yards -115

Longest FG in the Game

Field goals proved to be very important in last Monday Night’s game, with the Saints winning it as time expired.  This week, field goals could again play a role.

Over  44½  Yards -110
Under  44½  Yards -120

Winning Margin-

The Packers are a three-point favorite in this one, but this line provides the opportunity to be more specific with games lines while at the same time receiving different games lines with each option.

Packers to win by 1-3 Pts     +350
Packers to win by 4-6 Pts     +500
Packers to win by 7-10 Pts     +550
Packers to win by 11-13 Pts     +850
Packers to win by 14-17 Pts     +1000
Packers to win by 18-21 Pts     +1500
Packers to win by 22 or more     +1000
Bears to win by 1-3 Pts     +500
Bears to win by 4-6 Pts     +700
Bears to win by 7-10 Pts     +900
Bears to win by 11-13 Pts     +1200
Bears to win by 14-17 Pts     +1500
Bears to win by 18-21 Pts     +2000
Bears to win by 22 Pts or more     +1200

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