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2009 New York Jets Schedule

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2010 New York Jets Schedule | 2010 NFL Team Schedules

new york jetsThe 2008 season had ups and downs for the New York Jets. Brett Favre came and went, throwing his best game ever before retiring at the end of the season. Thomas Jones had his finest season, rushing 1,312 yards. They lost their coach, Eric Mangini, was fired for failing after three years. For the first time since 2005, the jets fell short of 1,000 receiving yards. They were exempt from the playoffs in 2008, and haven't seen Playoffs since 2006. The 2009 New York Jets schedule provides them with their next opportunity to achieve victory, and with the signing of Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, and Bart Scott, they may have a better shot with new Coach and defensive players .

The New York Jets 2009 Schedule opens up with a trip to Houston. The following week they will play against New England, who held a fierce rivalry with the Jets due to conflict between Belichick and former Jet's coach Eric Mangini. Fans of both teams will be delighted to see the players knock each other about. Tennessee and the Saints will be their next two opponents, with the first being a home game and the second being a road trip. Their Monday night game comes in the second week of October in Miami, playing the Dolphins. The Bills are their sixth game, with the Raiders being their next conquest. Miami will return the favor by visiting New York on the first of November. The ninth week brings a rest period to the Jets, as this is when they receive their bye. Their season reconvenes against Jacksonville after their bye, bringing the Floridian team up to New York. New England will host the Jets late in November, and their mutual disgust will once again provide fans with entertainment. December begins the last set of games, and their first opponent in the 12th month will be Buffalo once again, this time as the road team. The Jets then journey to the slightly warmer Tampa Bay to tangle with the Buc's. Atlanta is their next challenger, and the Jets will host this time. The last game of their regular season will be against Cincinnati, and the Jets will once again have the home team advantage.

The Jets are looking better this year, despite losing Favre. Favre's monumental 2008 season will not be forgotten by fans of the player and the team alike, as he played his best game ever that season. The 2009 New York Jets Schedule is writhe with insurmountably exciting games, though if they plan on going anywhere close to victory they will need to step it up and rely on their new couch as well as their new defensive line. The Jets are by no means a bad team, but they need proper direction if they are going to rise above the competition. The Jets will play their first game of the preseason on August 14th against the Rams.

2009 New York Jets Playoff Schedule

The Jets had to overcome a lot of obstacles to make their way into the 2009 NFL Playoffs and now that they're here, they won't leave willingly. The 2009 New York Jets Schedule dictated that they needed to beat the then unbeaten Indianapolis Colts as well as the Cincinnati Bengals just to make it in the playoffs. New York is a very dangerous team, however their first round opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals are looking to reverse the result of the season finale.

Wildcard Playoffs
1/9/2010 - New York Jets 24 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 14 Final
1/9/2010 - Philadelphia Eagles 14 vs. Dallas Cowboys 34 Final
1/10/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 33 vs. New England Patriots 14 Final
1/10/2010 - Green Bay Packers 45 vs. Arizona Cardinals 51 F/OT
Divisional Playoffs
1/16/2010 - Arizona Cardinals 14 vs. New Orleans Saints 45 Final
1/16/2010 - Baltimore Ravens 3 vs. Indianapolis Colts 20 Final
1/17/2010 - Dallas Cowboys 3 vs. Minnesota Vikings 34 Final
1/17/2010 - New York Jets 17 vs. San Diego Chargers 14 Final
Conference Championships
1/24/2010 @ 3:00PM - New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts
1/24/2010 @ 6:40PM - Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints
Super Bowl XLIV
2/7/2010 @ 6:00PM - NFC Champion vs. AFC Champion

2009 New York Jets Team Preview

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