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2009 Miami Dolphins Schedule

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2010 Miami Dolphins Schedule | 2010 NFL Team Schedules

dolphinsThe Miami Dolphins have been the only team in NFL history to have a completely undefeated season, but their luck has not been that hot. The 2009 Miami Dolphins Schedule aims to improve upon their previous performances, but only time will tell how well they do. The AFC East division has some of the heavier hitters, so they will definitely have their work cut out for them if they want to stay in the frying pan and out of the fryer. The Dolphins have a solid team this year so perhaps they will deliver for their fans and climb back to the top of the pedestal they once occupied.

The first game in the Miami Dolphins 2009 Schedule puts them against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons will be the home team for this game. Their second week game will be against Indianapolis at the Miami arena. The Chargers will be the third challenge the Dolphins. After the Chargers the Dolphins will face off with the Bills, followed by their arch-rival - the New York Jets. Their Bye week comes in week 6. The Saints will step up to the proverbial plate after their break, followed by the Jets again, with the Dolphins as the visitor. The Patriots will play the Dolphins a week later. Tampa Bay's Buccaneers will be the next contestant for the Dolphins. The Panthers will then buck heads with the Dolphins, with the Miami team visiting Buffalo the following week. The Patriots will then visit Miami and experience a significantly warmer climate than they would have if the Patriots stayed home. The Jaguars will host Miami the proceeding week, leaving them with a short traveling distance to get to their next opponent. The Titans, The Texans, and finally the illustrious Steelers will be their last three games before the end of the regular season, ultimately deciding the fate of the Miami Dolphins.

Miami has had a rough decade, a veritable uphill battle. They enter the 2009 season on a wave of hope, riding optimism toward what they could only assume will be a string of wins. The games will be rough, but with luck behind them they will ride through the 2009 Miami Dolphins Schedule with great fortune. Their conference is not a cake walk, and there will definitely be some trudging along the path toward victory. The Dolphin's initial kick off will be on August 17th against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

2009 Miami Dolphins Team Preview

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