Lingerie Bowl Gives Football Fans An Exciting View

Gambling News - January 7th, 2010 - Written By Bonnie

lingerie bowl
The Lingerie Bowl will give any viewer a chance to watch football in an exotically enticing way. All of the excitement of the gridiron game is played, though with a set of players much more aesthetically pleasing. These girls will blow your mind both in their ability to move the ball and the ability to sport their skimpy little uniforms. But don't let their beauty distract you from the real football skills these hotties posess. While there is no doubt that these football players are all brains and beauty with a touch of athletic ability, when they strap on what little protection their uniforms have, it is a definite rumble on the field.

The Lingerie Bowl has taken on a new level of excitement, and was launched as an actual league at the beginning of the 2009 season. The league consists of 10 franchises, which include 10 franchise teams. Just like the stars of the NFL, these beauties endure a tough football season, which is soon coming to an end.

The playoffs are underway and these stars are not holding anything back when it comes to making their way to the finals. There are only four remaining teams eligible for the championship game. The Seattle Mist will square off against the Los Angeles Temptation for the Western title, while the East will be won by either the Tampa Breeze or Miami Caliente. Lingerie Bowl 12 will air during the 2010 Super Bowl half time slot, which can be viewed by purchasing the event through pay per view.

Sure to draw in a large viewing audience, the Lingerie Bowl is creating a buzz, even among online sportsbooks, such as BetUS. Let the event pay for itself by placing a wager using Entertainment Betting Odds on which team you think will take home the Lingerie Football League Champion title.

Dallas Desire +200
Philadelphia Passion +600
Chicago Bliss +200
Seattle Mist +300
Los Angeles Temptation +350
Tampa Breeze +800
San Diego Seduction +1000
New York Majesty +1000
Miami Caliente +500


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