Fargas Apparently Recognizes Pigeon

NFL News - October 23rd, 2009 - Written by John

justin fargasProfessional sports employ thousands of athletes from equally large walks of life, thus inheriting a vast set of ideals, not the least of which being religion.

On Thursday Oakland Raiders' running back Justin Fargas raised some eye brows when he reflected on last week's win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Specifically about the special teams play when a pigeon famously outran the entire coverage team on an Oakland kickoff, which instantly became a YouTube phenomenon.

On Sacramento's KHTK Sports Radio, Fargas said the event was unusual, but reminded him of something eerily familiar.

"It kind of gives you a different perspective on things. Yeah it was definitely a strange event seeing that bird flying out there. It seemed comfortable on the football field and comfortable lying down there literally on special teams. It very well could have been Marquis."

The Marquis in question is former Oakland linebacker Marquis Daniels, who tragically died several months ago when a fishing boat he and three other friends were on capsized in the Gulf of Mexico.

The comments came after Cooper's mother told reporters she thought it was the reincarnation of her son. It strikes memories of probably the most famous display of religion came in the movie Major League in which the fictional character Pedro Cerrano devoted his life to voodoo God, Jobu, tithing to it for success on the field. Although not as extreme or comically slanted, it is quite surprising to see an athlete so blatently make religious statements that counter mainstream beliefs.

Fargas is currently averaging three runs per carry with no touchdowns. No word yet whether he will turn to Jobu for a second-half surge.

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