New England Casino Competitions Erupt

Casino News - July 20th, 2009 - Written by Glen

All over the north eastern United States, casino action is on the up and up. Many neighboring states are battling one another for the dollars of the casino goers. With the weakened economy, each state is trying to rope in as many patrons as they can, as the competition has grown fierce. For many states, this is a battle on multiple fronts, leaving once proud casinos in dire straights - treacherous waters they may be incapable of escaping.

The epicenter of the stand off lies within New England. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and, of course, New Jersey, are all locked into an epic battle as each attempts to take customers from the other. Atlantic City was once the bastion of gambling on the east coast. Recent trials and tribulations have caused many of the casinos located in the hub of Atlantic City to shut down or come close to it. The weakened economy of the nation set things in motion, and now the snowball effect has kicked in, leaving Atlantic City in the center of a monumental ball of reduced revenue and shortened spending. As if their problems were not bad enough, a potential strike now looms on the horizon, leaving a cloud of doubt and uncertainty in the future of the Atlantic City casinos.

Pennsylvania has the Amish, but they also have Tribal Casinos. Several full force gambling venues are scattered about the state, and many are beginning to use the Mohegan Sun's casinos as their preferred gambling venues. Compared to Atlantic City, the tribal casinos under the Mohegan umbrella have been been flourishing. So much so that they may be partnering with Foxwoods, the Connecticut gambling giant, over the next several years.

Connecticut has a very active role in the future of casino gambling in the North East. The rivalry between southern Connecticut casinos and New Jersey casinos is one that is bitter. Each group actively attempts to steal clientele, but Connecticut has been winning the battle. A new sign was put up directing players to Connecticut Casinos. You may not immediately realize why I mention this sign, as it is pertinent. The sign is located right near the border, making Connecticut casino owner's actions more deliberate when trying to rope in some new customers.

Delaware has unique stakes in the battle, as they bring sports gambling to the East Coast. As the fourth state in the Union to add sports gambling, Delaware has an edge the other surrounding states do not. You would otherwise have to drive thousands of mile to the west in order to find sports betting, but now Delaware gives North East Americans the opportunity to place parlay type bets on sporting events.

The battle of the business is far from over, as each casino has a unique hook. Atlantic City is clinging by threads, but may see improvements over the next few years, assuming the economy gets back on the right course. Casino operators are hopeful for the future, as revenues have begun to decline less.